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Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Checks

With disbursement losses from fraud rising each year, Seacoast's Positive Pay service can help you detect and protect your checking accounts from unauthorized withdrawals. We will verify items by dollar amount, check number and even the Payee's name and you can make pay or no-pay decisions via our Business Online Banking Solution.


Protection From Fraudulent Electronic Transactions

Much like our process for checks, we conduct a review of the electronic transactions posting to your account each day and provide you a list of any item originated by an unapproved source. These items will be held in suspense until you review and approve the transaction.


Manage Your Account Security

Often accounts are used for a specific purpose that does not include the issuing of checks. In these cases Seacoast can establish various codes that will eliminate the posting of certain transactions to accounts within your structure to ensure unauthorized debits will not post to the account.


Why Rapport?

Rapport protects sensitive login credentials and prevents malware and fradulent websites from stealing this information. Rapport also protects your communications and prevents malware from tampering with your transaction. If you bank, trade or shop online, Rapport can significantly reduce your exposure to the emergent threat of financial fraud and identity theft.

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Rapport will help you to:

  • Shield your online bank account from prying eyes
  • Safeguard your online banking identity
  • Protect your internet banking login details
  • Identify malicious attempts against you
- System Requirements
* Mobile and Online features not available for Personal Free Checking. No Fees at Publix ATM not available for Personal Free, All American, and Bank at Work Checking accounts.